An Introduction

Exhibit A of void-screaming.

I think everyone has an itch to write, in the same way that everyone has an itch to speak, to tell others their story. I think it comes from being sentient beings–while realizing your own existence is great, and language is great, it create an inherent yearning for a connection, to reach out to other people and touch them with your self-ness. It all comes from wanting to not be alone, in our own, self-centered ways.

That’s my best guess at why I’m deciding there needs to be a place on the internet for my silly thoughts. I don’t have a lot of urgency or professional need for this; I want to be a published writer one day, but I’m currently working full-time at a library as well as going to grad school two nights out of seven. I’m also planning my wedding and volunteering at the local natural history museum, so frankly, I don’t have the time.

But I want to have the time, you know? I want to write. I want to scream out into the void, with the vague hope that the void will scream back.

Or at least, talk to me about fanfiction.